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M1A-6-12B M1A-6-12B M1A-6-12B M1A-6-12B M1A-6-12B



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M1A-6-12B 6 ft Type IA Folding MultiLadder

Performance Overview

StyleSizeExtension Length (m)Number of PositionsTypePerformance Rating
M Series Fold ing MultiLadder6 ft12 ft18Type IA Duty Rating

The M1A-6-12B Folding MultiLadder is designed for one or two person jobs. Type IA, 6 ft with a duty rating of 300 lbs, the 3-position MULTI-LOK® Hinge allows for 18 positions or applications. With slip-resistant multi-directional rungs and feet


  • 3-position MULTI-LOK® Hinge allows for 18 positions or applications
  • Includes 2 bases for scaffold position
  • 18 positions:1. Double stepladder 2. Stepladder 3. Stairwell ladder 4. Multi-shelf 5. Stand-off ladder 6. Fully extended straight ladder 7. 1/2 & 3/4 length straight ladder 8. Self-supporting scaffold 9. Extended span scaffold 10. Stairwell scaffold
  • Comes fully assembled except for bolt-on base
  • Designed for one or two person jobs
  • Shippable by ground parcel services
  • Slip-resistant multi-directional rungs
  • Slip-resistant feet


FeatureSize / Details
Size6 ft
Stepladder Length (m)6 ft
Extension Length (m)12 ft
Closed Height40-5/8 in
Number of Positions18
Scaffold Height3 ft
Load Capacity300 lbs
TypeType IA Duty Rating
Performance Rating
Approx. Cu. Ft. Per Unit4
Approx. Shipping Wt. (kg)33.5

Package Contents

Part NumberQtyDescription


Rails Dimension2-1/2 in
Flange Dimension1 in
Rungs Dimension1-1/4 in

Additional M1A Series Models

Model No.SizeStepladder Length (m)Extension Length (m)Closed HeightScaffold HeightApprox. Cu. Ft. Per Unit
M1A-6-12B6 ft6 ft12 ft40-5/8 in3 ft4
M1A-8-16B8 ft8 ft16 ft52-5/8 in4 ft5.2