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MT Series Aluminum Multi Purpose Ladders

Series Callout
The MT series Telescoping MultiLadders are versatile and easy to transport. The telescoping design allows the ladder to be used in 4 different positions -- twin stepladder, stairway stepladder, extension ladder and as 2 scaffold bases. In the stepladder mode, the multiladder can be used for one or two-person jobs with a duty rating of 300 pounds per side. The feet are slip resistant and the ends of the ladder are flared for firm support. Smooth curved rails allow for comfortable climbing. With its many uses, this ladder may fit all your climbing needs.


    Performance Overview

    StyleSizeExtension Length (m)Number of PositionsTypePerformance RatingMaterial
    MT Series Telescoping MultiLadder 13 ft -- 26 ft 9 ft to15 ft -- 13 ft to 23 ft 13 -- 37 Type IA Duty RatingAluminum


    Rails DimensionFlange DimensionRungs Dimension
    2-5/8 in1 in1 in


    Model No.SizeStepladder Length (m)Extension Length (m)Reach Height Extension LadderReach Height StepladderNumber of Positions
    MT-1313 ft3 ft to 5 ft7 ft to 11 ft14 ft 3 in9 ft 4 in13
    MT-1717 ft4 ft to 7 ft9 ft to15 ft18 ft 1 in11 ft 3 in20
    MT-2222 ft5 ft to 9 ft11 ft to 19 ft22 ft13 ft 2 in28
    MT-2626 ft6 ft to 11 ft13 ft to 23 ft25 ft 10 in15 ft 1 in37

    Designed for one or two person jobs. Note: When used as a double stepladder, the maximum load per side, including person and materials, shall not exceed the duty rating of ladder