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2700 Series Stages

>Series Callout
The 2700 stage platforms offer a 500lb duty rating and allows for 2 people on one plank. The TWIST-PROOF® design is ideal for ladder jack applications, swing stages or catwalks. Each stage is 28in wide.


    Performance Overview

    Side Rail LengthLoad Capacity
    8 ft -- 32 ft500 lbs


    Side Rail DepthSide Rail Flange
    4 in -- 6 in1-3/8 in -- 2 in


    Model No.Approx. Cu. Ft. Per UnitSide Rail Length
    27086.158 ft
    27129.2312 ft
    271615.6616 ft
    272023.320 ft
    272427.9624 ft
    272832.6228 ft
    273237.2832 ft