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3200 Series Stages

>Series Callout
The 3200 stage platforms offer a 750lb duty rating and allows for 3 people on one plank. The TWIST-PROOF® design is ideal for ladder jack applications, swing stages or catwalks. Each stage is 28in wide.


    Performance Overview

    Side Rail Length
    8 ft -- 39 ft



    Model No.Approx. Cu. Ft. Per UnitSide Rail DepthSide Rail Length
    32086.154 in8 ft
    32129.234 in12 ft
    321615.665 in16 ft
    322019.575 in20 ft
    322427.966 in24 ft
    322832.626 in28 ft
    323237.286 in32 ft
    Includes reinforcing channel
    41.946 in36 ft
    Includes reinforcing channel
    45.446 in39 ft