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400 Series Aluminum Single Sided Stepladders

>Series Callout
The aluminum 400 series of Step Ladders has a duty rating of 375 pounds and features heavy gauge TOOL-TRA-TOP®s. All steps are knee braced and the TRACTION-TRED® steps are slip resistant. The rear rail is a full U channel and a full set of rear horizontals are spaced one per foot. The 14' and 16' models carry a duty rating of 300 pounds.


    Performance Overview

    StyleSizeReach HeightLoad CapacityType
    Single-Sided4 ft -- 16 ft8 ft -- 20 ft300 lbs -- 375 lbsType IAA Duty Rating


    Top DimensionFront RailsFront FlangeRear RailsRear Flange
    7 in x 14 in3-1/8 in1-1/8 in1-3/4 in1 in


    Model No.SizeReach HeightMaximum Standing HtLoad CapacityTypeApprox. Product Width
    4044 ft8 ft1 ft11 in375 lbsType IAA Duty Rating21-1/4 in
    4066 ft10 ft3 ft10 in375 lbsType IAA Duty Rating24-3/4 in
    4088 ft12 ft5 ft9 in375 lbsType IAA Duty Rating28-1/4 in
    41010 ft14 ft7 ft8 in375 lbsType IAA Duty Rating31-3/4 in
    41212 ft16 ft9 ft7 in375 lbsType IAA Duty Rating35-1/4 in
    41414 ft18 ft11 ft6 in300 lbsType IA Duty Rating38-5/8 in
    41616 ft20 ft13 ft5 in300 lbsType IA Duty Rating42-1/8 in

    Type IAA duty rating is for stepladders up to 12 ft Designed for one or two person jobs. Note: When used as a double stepladder, the maximum load per side, including person and materials, shall not exceed the duty rating of ladder