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Series 4200-18 Wide Span Scaffold Towers 18ft Platform Height

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The 4200-18 series aluminum scaffold towers offer 6 ft, 8 ft, or 10ft length platforms that are 29in wide, and 17ft 6in maximum platform height. Load capacity is 25lb per square foot or 500lb maximum per deck and 1,000lb maximum per scaffold. Additional Werner scaffold sections and components can be added to the tower for maximum flexibility.


  • Simplified ordering. Order one model number and receive everything needed to build a complete tower
  • Takes the guesswork out of what is required to meet code
  • Ideal for schools, hospitals and building maintenance
  • Includes guardrails, toe boards, and planks with access door that allows end users to climb from inside
  • Outriggers included

Performance Overview

Tower StyleLoad Capacity/sq. ft.Platform HeightPlatform WidthPlatform Length
Wide Span25 lbs17 ft 6 in4 ft 6 in6 ft -- 10 ft


Platform HeightTotal Tower HeightPlatform WidthPlatform LengthTotal Length
17 ft 6 in20 ft 11 in4 ft 6 in6 ft -- 10 ft10 ft 10 in -- 12 ft 10 in


Model No.Platform LengthApprox. Cu. Ft. Per Unit
4201-186 ft174.39
4202-188 ft199.88
4203-1810 ft243.79