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500-1 Series Aluminum Single Section Extension Ladders

>Series Callout
The 500-1 series are one-section round rung straight ladders with a duty rating of 375 lbs. The exclusive ALFLO® rung joint means TWIST-PROOF® performance every time. The side rails are extra heavy duty I-beam rails and the aluminum round rungs are deeply serrated for slip resistance. The duty rating goes to 300 lbs with the 18 ft, 20 ft and 24 ft lengths.


  • Exclusive Alflo® rung joint means Twist-Proof® performance
  • 1.75 inch slip-resistant Traction-Tred® round rungs
  • Extra Heavy Duty I-beam rails
  • Heavy duty, self-aligning, free-swinging shoe with slip-resistant tread and replaceable steel spur plate
  • Hoop end caps

Performance Overview

SizeStyleReach HeightLoad Capacity
8 ft -- 24 ftSingle Section11 ft -- 26 ft300 lbs -- 375 lbs



Model No.SizeLoad CapacityTypeMax. Open Extended LengthApprox. Cu. Ft. Per UnitRails Dimension
508-18 ft375 lbsType IAA Duty Rating8 ft2.93 in
510-110 ft375 lbsType IAA Duty Rating10 ft3.63 in
512-112 ft375 lbsType IAA Duty Rating12 ft4.33 in
514-114 ft375 lbsType IAA Duty Rating14 ft53 in
516-116 ft375 lbsType IAA Duty Rating16 ft5.73 in
518-118 ft300 lbsType IA Duty Rating18 ft6.43 in
520-120 ft300 lbsType IA Duty Rating20 ft7.13 in
524-124 ft300 lbsType IA Duty Rating24 ft144 in

Type IAA duty rating is for single ladders up to 16 ft