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9500-2 Series Fiberglass Multi Section Extension Ladders

>Series Callout
The 9500-2 All-Fiberglass Extension ladders are ideal in highly-corrosive environments. Where most fiberglass extension ladders have aluminum rungs, the 5900-2 series has unique box-beam rails that are connected with a fiberglass pultruded rung. Nylon plugs interlock the entire rung-to-rail connections. Two heavy duty guide brackets are secured to the top of the base section for ease of operation. Thick rubber treads and spur plates provide a solid foundation at the foot. These ladders bear a duty rating of 300 lbs.


    Performance Overview

    SizeStyleReach HeightLoad Capacity
    16 ft -- 32 ftSpecialty16 ft -- 31 ft300 lbs



    Model No.SizeMax. Open Extended LengthApprox. Cu. Ft. Per UnitReach Height
    9516-216 ft13 ft8.316 ft
    9520-220 ft17 ft10.219 ft
    9524-224 ft21 ft12.223 ft
    9528-228 ft25 ft14.127 ft
    9532-232 ft29 ft1631 ft