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DeCoil Lanyard Series

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Werner DeCoil lanyards feature the DCELL Shock Pack, a deceleration device designed for controlled tearing action to reduce fall arrest force. Vinyl coated 1/4in cable is heat and abrasion resistant. Twin leg design for 100% tie-off, allowing the user to safely move from one location to another.


  • Werner DCELL Shock Pack is a deceleration device designed for controlled tearing action to reduce fall arrest forces on the user
  • WebAlert inspectable polyester webbing makes wear and damage visible and obvious, making inspection easier, while providing durability that will last

Performance Overview

Energy Absorber TypeStyleHarness ConnectionMaterialFamilyLegs
Shock PackShock Pack Energy Absorbing (non-elastic)HookWebDeCoilSingle Leg



Model No.MaterialAnchorage ConnectorLegsOptionsWebAlert Inspectable WebbingHarness Connection
C311100Web3/4in Standard Snap HookSingle LegNoneYesHook
C311101Web3/4in Standard Snap HookSingle LegTie-BackNoHook
C311102Web3/4in Standard Snap HookSingle LegAdjustableYesHook
C311104Web3/4in Standard Snap HookSingle LegNoneYesHook
C313100Web3/4in Standard Snap HookSingle LegNoneYesLoop
C361100Cable3/4in Standard Snap HookSingle LegNoneNoHook
C361200Cable2-1/2in Ladder Snap HookSingle LegNoneNoHook
C411100Web3/4in Standard Snap HookDual LegNoneYesHook
C411102Web3/4in Standard Snap HookDual LegAdjustableYesHook
C411200Web2-1/2in Ladder Snap HookDual LegNoneYesHook
C411202Web2-1/2in Ladder Snap HookDual LegAdjustableYesHook
C411302Web3/4in Standard CarabinerDual LegAdjustableYesCarabiner
C411400Web2in Ladder CarabinerDual LegNoneYesHook
C413100Web3/4in Standard Snap HookDual LegNoneYesLoop
C461100Cable3/4in Standard Snap HookDual LegNoneNoHook
C461200Cable2-1/2in Ladder Snap HookDual LegNoneNoHook
C461400Cable2in Ladder CarabinerDual LegNoneNoHook