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DeCoil Lanyard Series

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Werner DeCoil lanyards feature the DCELL Shock Pack, a deceleration device designed for controlled tearing action to reduce fall arrest force. Vinyl coated 1/4in cable is heat and abrasion resistant. Twin leg design for 100% tie-off, allowing the user to safely move from one location to another.


  • Werner DCELL Shock Pack is a deceleration device designed for controlled tearing action to reduce fall arrest forces on the user
  • WebAlert inspectable polyester webbing makes wear and damage visible and obvious, making inspection easier, while providing durability that will last

Performance Overview

Shock Pack Energy Absorbing (non-elastic)Web



Model No.MaterialAnchorage ConnectorLegsOptionsHarness ConnectionWebAlert Inspectable Webbing
C311100Web3/4in Standard Snap HookSingle LegNoneHookYes
C311101Web3/4in Standard Snap HookSingle LegTie-BackHookNo
C311102Web3/4in Standard Snap HookSingle LegAdjustableHookYes
C311104Web3/4in Standard Snap HookSingle LegNoneHookYes
C311400Web2in Ladder CarabinerSingle LegNoneHookYes
C312300WebStandard CarabinerSingle LegNoneCarabinerYes
C313100Web3/4in Standard Snap HookSingle LegNoneLoopYes
C361100Cable3/4in Standard Snap HookSingle LegNoneHookNo
C361101Cable3/4in Standard Snap HookSingle LegTie-BackHookNo
C361200Cable2-1/2in Ladder Snap HookSingle LegNoneHookNo
C361400Cable2in Ladder CarabinerSingle LegNoneHookNo
C362300Cable3/4in Standard CarabinerSingle LegNoneCarabinerNo
C411100Web3/4in Standard Snap HookDual LegNoneHookYes
C411102Web3/4in Standard Snap HookDual LegAdjustableHookYes
C411200Web2-1/2in Ladder Snap HookDual LegNoneHookYes
C411202Web2-1/2in Ladder Snap HookDual LegAdjustableHookYes
C411302Web3/4in Standard CarabinerDual LegAdjustableCarabinerYes
C411400Web2in Ladder CarabinerDual LegNoneHookYes
C412200Web3/4in Standard CarabinerDual LegNoneCarabinerYes
C412402Web2in Ladder CarabinerDual LegAdjustableCarabinerYes
C413100Web3/4in Standard Snap HookDual LegNoneLoopYes
C461100Cable3/4in Standard Snap HookDual LegNoneHookNo
C461101Cable3/4in Standard Snap HookDual LegTie-BackHookNo
C461200Cable2-1/2in Ladder Snap HookDual LegNoneHookNo
C461400Cable2in Ladder CarabinerDual LegNoneHookNo
C462300Cable3/4in Standard CarabinerDual LegNoneCarabinerNo