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NXT1A Series Fiberglass Single Sided Stepladders

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The NXT1A Fiberglass single sided stepladder is now loaded with new advanced features. Multi functional HolsterTop® PRO keeps tools organized and safe on the ladder top. A magnetic strip and hardware bins keep parts and tools easily accessible and secure. The right handed drill hammer slot and pipe channel are conveniently located for ease of use. Comfortable slip resistant steps. The EDGE 360™ provides protection from every angle. The EDGE bracing system, oversized foot pad and rail shield, provide added rail protection. Great for electrical jobs. New great features and a robust 300 lbs. load capacity to maximize your productivity.


    Performance Overview

    StyleSizeReach HeightLoad CapacityType
    Single-Sided4 ft -- 12 ft8 ft -- 16 ft300 lbsType IA Duty Rating



    Model No.SizeReach HeightMaximum Standing HtApprox. Cu. Ft. Per UnitApprox. SpreadFront Flange
    NXT1A044 ft8 ft1 ft 11 in329 in1-3/16 in
    NXT1A066 ft10 ft3 ft 10 in5.341-1/4 in1-4/16 in
    NXT1A088 ft12 ft5 ft 9 in8.153-5/8 in1-3/16 in
    NXT1A1010 ft14 ft7 ft 8 in12.565-7/8 in1-3/16 in
    NXT1A1212 ft16 ft9 ft 7 in1578-1/4 in1-3/16 in