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P7400 Series Fiberglass Platform Stepladders

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Werner P7400 ladders are rated at 375 pounds and maintain a full set of horizontals on the rear sections. The large work platform provides a secure and comfortable work area while The EDGE® bracing system and external rails shields add to the durability of the product. The safety guard rail at the top of the ladder encourages proper ladder use. Fiberglass rails are non-conductive for working near electricity.


    Performance Overview

    StyleSizeReach HeightLoad CapacityType
    Platform3 ft -- 12 ft9 ft -- 18 ft300 lbs -- 375 lbsType IAA Duty Rating



    Model No.SizeHeight to PlatformReach HeightMaximum Standing HtLoad CapacityApprox. Cu. Ft. Per Unit
    P74033 ft3 ft9 ft2 ft 10 in375 lbs5.1
    P74044 ft4 ft10 ft3 ft 10 in375 lbs6.4
    P74066 ft6 ft12 ft5 ft 9 in375 lbs9.1
    P74088 ft8 ft14 ft7 ft 8 in375 lbs12.2
    P741010 ft10 ft16 ft9 ft 7 in300 lbs15.6
    P741212 ft12 ft18 ft11 ft 6 in300 lbs19.3

    Type IAA duty rating is for stepladders up to 12 ft.