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Positioning Lanyard Series

>Series Callout
Werner rebar positioning lanyards are intended for work positions applications only. Unique wear indicating polyester webbing allows for easy inspection and provides durability that will last.


  • Recommended for work positioning and restraint applications only
  • WebAlert inspectable polyester webbing makes wear and damage visible and obvious, making inspection easier, while providing durability that will last
  • BigHead Safety Hook is designed to prevent false engagement when connecting to the harness

Performance Overview

StyleEnergy Absorber TypeHarness ConnectionMaterialFamilyLegs
PositioningNoneHookWebPositioningSingle Leg



Model No.MaterialAnchorage ConnectorOptionsHarness ConnectionWebAlert Inspectable Webbing
C111102Web3/4in Standard Snap HookNoneHookYes
C111103Web3/4in Standard Snap HookNoneHookYes
C111104Web3/4in Standard Snap HookNoneHookYes
C111105Web3/4in Standard Snap HookNoneHookYes
C111106Web3/4in Standard Snap HookNoneHookYes
C111203Web2-1/2in Ladder Snap HookNoneHookYes
C111204Web2-1/2in Ladder Snap HookNoneHookYes
C111206Web2-1/2in Ladder Snap HookNoneHookYes
C111506Web3/4in Standard Snap HookAdjustableHookYes
C113106Web3/4in Standard Snap HookNoneLoopYes
C161102Cable3/4in Standard Snap HookNoneHookNo
C161103Cable3/4in Standard Snap HookNoneHookNo
C161104Cable3/4in Standard Snap HookNoneHookNo
C161106Cable3/4in Standard Snap HookNoneHookNo