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R2100 Steel Cable Self Retracting Lifeline

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The Werner R2100 series AutoCoil 2 Steel Cable Self Retracting Lifeline provides safe, reliable protection for workers while also allowing for more freedom of movement around the jobsite. The lifeline extends and retracts automatically during typical use, but a brake activates in the event of a fall, stopping the worker in a short distance while limiting fall arrest forces. Designed to enhance safety performance and productivity, AutoCoil 2 features impact resistant Thermoplastic (Cable models) and Aluminum (Web models) housings to protect the working components in a compact, lightweight package. All units include a swivel top for anchorage connection and an impact indicator through the snap hook or web stitch. AutoCoil 2 models features recessed labels and ID Tags to ensure critical information remains with the unit for inspection.


    Performance Overview

    Approx. Product Length
    20ft -- 30 ft



    Model No.Approx. Product Length
    R21003030 ft