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S320 Series Steel Step Stools

Series Callout
The S320 Series Steel Step Stool is ideal for any task in the home, kitchen or garage. It is easily transportable, compact for easy storage and has an attractive design. The soft comfort grip and intuitive, secure latch design enhance your stability when climbing and standing on the step stool.


  • Modern design, optimal for indoor use
  • Secure, intuitive latch design
  • Ergonomic rubber handle for comfort
  • Durable design made with solid steel and plastic construction
  • Mar-resistant feet

Performance Overview

StyleNumber of StepsSizeReach HeightLoad CapacityTypePerformance RatingMaterial
Standard 1 -- 3 1 Step -- 3 Step 7 ft -- 9 ft 200 lbs -- 250 lbs Type III Duty Rating 1 -- 3 Steel



Model No.SizeNumber of StepsColorReach HeightLoad CapacityType
S321-61 Step1Black and Silver7 ft200 lbsType III Duty Rating
S322-62 Step2Black and Silver8 ft200 lbsType III Duty Rating
S322B-42 Step2Black and Silver8 ft250 lbsType I Duty Rating
S322R-62 Step2Red and Black8 ft200 lbsType III Duty Rating
S322W-62 Step2Black and White8 ft250 lbsType I Duty Rating
S323-63 Step3Black and Silver9 ft200 lbsType III Duty Rating
S323P-23 Step Steel Utility3Black and Silver9 ft225 lbsType II Duty Rating