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Series SPJ Steel Pump Jack Components

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The SPJ steel pump jack series includes the exclusive Pole-Trak™ system with rugged hand crank, safety brake, and slip-resistant foot lever with oversized boot strap. Components include foldable support brace, workbench/guardrail holder, guardrail holder, pump jack, and pole anchor. Accommodates up to a 24 " wide plank.


    Performance Overview

    Pump Jack -- Pole Anchor for Steel Pump Jack (Shipped in 4-packs)



    Model No.ComponentApprox. Shipping Weight (kg)Approx. Cu. Ft. Per Unit
    SPJ-100Pump Jack231.83
    SPJ-GRHSteel Guard Rail Holder5.50.59
    SPJ-PA-4Pole Anchor for Steel Pump Jack (Shipped in 4-packs)232.17
    SPJ-SBFFoldable Support Brace70.36
    SPJ-WBWork Bench/Guard Rail Holder110.92

    When working 10 ft And Above, OSHA Requires Fall Protection