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SRO-72-4 Series Outriggers (4pc master carton)

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The SRO-72-4 series are outriggers for the SRS-72 Steel Rolling Scaffold. Use outriggers to widen the overall footprint of your scaffold. These are sold in sets of 4 only. Outriggers are required when the working height of a scaffold is 10ft or greater.


  • Fits Werner 6ft SRS-72 Steel Rolling Scaffold and 6ft SRS-72T Steel Rolling Scaffold with Trap Door
  • Outriggers sold with 4 units per master carton
  • Outriggers require Model SRC-72-4 castors that must be purchased separately
  • Outriggers required when working height reaches 10ft
  • Powder Coated Steel protects against weather and rust
  • 1000lb Load Capacity Distributed Evenly

Performance Overview

StyleUser or Factory Installed



Model No.

Outriggers and guard rails are required when working height reaches 10 ft