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T6300 Series Fiberglass Twin Stepladders

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The T6300 Twin Step Ladders offer a high performance dual HolsterTop with a paint and tool holder for convenience. The internal spreaders are heavy duty and the slip-resistant TRACTION-TRED® steps are all double riveted and knee braced. These Twin Step Ladders allow 300 pounds per side making them ideal for one or two person jobs. The EDGE® molded brace and foot pad combination provide bracing strength and increased protection against damage. Fiberglass rails are non-conductive for working near electricity.


    Performance Overview

    StyleSizeReach HeightLoad CapacityType
    Twin4 ft -- 12 ft8 ft -- 16 ft300 lbsType IA Duty Rating


    Top DimensionFront RailsFront FlangeRear RailsRear Flange
    8-1/2 in x 13 in3-1/8 in1-3/16 in3-1/8 in1-3/16 in


    Model No.SizeReach HeightMaximum Standing HtApprox. Product HeightApprox. Product WidthApprox. Spread
    T63044 ft8 ft1 ft 11 in4 ft19-7/8 in36-1/8 in
    T63066 ft10 ft3 ft 10 in6 ft23-2/8 in50-1/8 in
    T63077 ft11 ft4 ft 9 in7 ft25-1/8 in57-1/8 in
    T63088 ft12 ft5 ft 9 in8 ft26-7/8 in64-1/8 in
    T631010 ft14 ft7 ft 8 in10 ft30-3/8 in78-1/8 in
    T631212 ft16 ft9 ft 7 in12 ft33-7/8 in92-1/8 in