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TPF00-1 Series Fiberglass Specialty Extension Ladders

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The TPF00-1 ladders are posting ladders with a tapered design of the rails and 1 " diameter solid aluminum hooks with aluminum rail shields at the top of the ladders. The large 9 3/4 " hook opening allows for easy attachment on the job. Center anchor points distribute the load to each rail, and fall protection tie-offs are located every 5 to 6 ft along the length of the ladder. The 3 " slip-resistant TRACTION-TRED® steps are double riveted and braced on the front and back. The TPF00-1 series has a duty rating of 300 lbs.


  • Solid aluminum hook with aluminum rail shield for easy attachments
  • Slip-resistant Traction-Tred® steps are 3 inch deep and double riveted and braced front and back
  • Center anchor points distribute force to each rail
  • Fall protection tie-offs located every 5 ft to 6 ft along the ladder
  • GLAS*MARK® violator stripes for added visibility
  • Rounded aluminum hoop shoe with ribbed rubber pad provides solid footing

Performance Overview

SizeStyleReach HeightLoad Capacity
14 ft -- 20 ftSpecialty15 ft -- 21 ft300 lbs



Model No.SizeMax. Open Extended LengthApprox. Cu. Ft. Per UnitReach Height
TPF14-114 ft14 ft615 ft
TPF16-116 ft16 ft6.817 ft
TPF18-118 ft18 ft7.619 ft
TPF20-120 ft20 ft8.421 ft