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WNS Series Nestable Stages

>Series Callout
The WNS series of nestable stages provide consistent rail depths regardless of stage length, reducing trip hazards when making a continuous work platform. Made of aluminum, the handles nest inside of each other to minimize gaps between walkways. 2 person, 500 lbs. rated. Available in 14", 20", and 24 " widths in lengths from 12 ft to 24'.


    Performance Overview

    Side Rail LengthLoad Capacity
    12 ft -- 24 ft500 lbs


    Side Rail Depth
    6 in


    Model No.Approx. Cu. Ft. Per UnitApprox. Shipping Weight (kg)Side Rail Length
    WNS-24127.24612 ft
    WNS-24169.66316 ft
    WNS-2420128620 ft
    WNS-242414.411524 ft
    WNS-251210.25412 ft
    WNS-251613.67516 ft
    WNS-25201710320 ft
    WNS-252420.412224 ft
    WNS-2612126212 ft
    WNS-2616168116 ft
    WNS-26202011620 ft
    WNS-26242413924 ft

    When working 10 ft And Above, OSHA Requires Fall Protection